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Since 1998, several series and installations have come to life. In each of these there is a focus of a specific place, a specific time or a specific element, but the underlying thread of environmental and cultural curiosity is always present. On this page I have included the following series images:



           summer orchard   

             Big horses, old apples trees and sloping hillsides -images

                that took me from figurative work into a new world of

                symbols, form and color.



             The spring of 2001 took me to Bulgaria to exhibit the

                documentation of the "Protection" Installation. The images 

                here are a few of several in a series that came from my

                memories and impressions of that culture and their

                everyday lives.


              nest series  

             In this series, I returned once more to my first love,

               "Nature". I began to look more cloesly at the smaller

                elements that comprise our landscape rather than the

                expansiveness of space and place.  My work began with

                studies of fallen or abandoned bird's nests and unfolded 

                into a broad exploration of complex issues of origin, of

                security, of dependency, or beginnings and endings.

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